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Development of agriculture and processing industry in Kochkurovo district

Vladimir Volkov, Headof the Republic of Mordovia, held a meeting with Alexander Pozdnyakov, themanager of Norov farm enterprise, to discuss the results of 2016 and plans for developmentof agricultural industry in Kochkurovo district.

In his report AlexanderPozdnyakov mentioned that this year meat production amounts to 5,300 tons, which is higher than the last year's level by 1,250 tons.

Grain production hasalso increased by 30 per cent and amounted to more than 30 thousand tons.

It was also noted thatin the coming years seed production factory will get to its maximum capacity of 9,000 tons of seeds per year. It will meet the demands of the republic in the seedgrains of high quality. In this regard, there will be built warehousefacilities with 8 thousand tons capacity. About 3 thousand tons of seeds will be produced in 2017. Vladimir Volkov also paid his attention to construction ofmodern factory for advanced milk processing with the capacity of 10 thousandliters a day in Stantsiya Voevodskoye village.

Total cost of the project is about 150 million rubles. According to Alexander Pozdnyakov, the factory will be readyfor commissioning by this autumn. Milk, milk products, cottage cheese and severalcheeses are planned for production. At the same time production of natural icecream will be the priority.