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A new tourist attraction site has opened its doors to visitors and residents of the region. The exhibition of items made of bog oak will allow the tourism industry of the region to brighten up the already existing and planned tourist routes, and expand the range of souvenir products of the premium segment.

For the respectable period of staining at the bottom of the rivers, the tree acquires a deep color - from light brown to blackish gray with its own unique pattern. On the international markets, this rare material is considered an attribute of luxury, just like antiques or diamonds.

It is a known fact that this unique material is acquired only on Mordovian territory. That is why the exposition of this rare wood was opened precisely in this region.

Items made of subfossil wood (bog oak) under the Oak Palette of Ages trademark were prepared by the Rostr company together with the Bog Oak House LLC (Kozmodemyansk).

Now everyone can visit the exposition, where more than 200 samples of a unique line of bog oak made items are presented. The presentation collection includes furniture and interior decorations, office supplies, icons and much more.

The address of the exhibition is:

Saransk, Sovetskaya, 105A (ROSTR office), working hours from 08:00 to 17:00 (closed from 12:00 to 13:00).

The exhibition has no entrance fee.