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The Gross Regional Product of Mordovia has gone up by 22.3% for the last five years. Industrial production volume has grown by 20% The volume of production in agriculture has gone up by 30%.

These numbers were announced by Head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov during the days of the Republic of Mordovia in the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia.

During the plenary meeting, the leader of Mordovia spoke about the development of the region during the last several years. Vladimir Volkov noted that today Mordovia is a leader in Russia considering the share of innovative products in total output, which is almost 29%.

The result was achieved thanks to research and production clusters. The innovative cluster of fiber optics and optoelectronics is the only one in Russia. The clusters of railcars, cable and construction materials production are also developing in Mordovia. There are projects in power electronics and solar power successfully implemented in the region. At Saransk plant Biokhimik there is the first in Russia full cycle production of the latest generation antibiotics.

Valentina Matviyenko, Chairman of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation: Mordovia is a fast growing constituent entity of Russia, where very important for Russia projects are implemented. One of them is the full cycle production of antibiotics. This highly significant project concerns the Russia’s drug safety.

During the meeting there were also discussed some problematic issues such as a demographic problem. Valentina Matvienko pointed out that the republic has a good practice of providing support to families with children.

Valentina Matviyenko: You do a lot, but more measures to stimulate the growth of birthrate, support families with children and reduce migration outflow are needed.

Chairman of the Federal Council expressed her confidence that Mordovia will host FIFA World Cup 2017 the best way possible.