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The experts of Scientific Research Institute of Light Sources named after A.N. Lodygin (NIIIS) have developed intelligent health-promoting lamps that will not only solve the problem of lack of sunlight for people but also reduce illumination expenses.

The institute started the development of “Sunlight” LED lamps in 2016. The lamps can serve to different purposes. Alongside high-quality illumination agreeable to technical regulations, they encourage human body to provide vitamin D, necessary for immunity improvement and protection from different diseases. It is very important for Russia. Even in the southern part of the country, people receive less sun light than necessary for 40-50 days a year. In the north, it is half a year. More than that, energy-efficient lighting solutions significantly reduce electric power expenses.

The innovative product is sold on the Russian market. This year the range of the products will be extended.

Besides, the experts of the institute are going to develop a concept of smart lighting solutions. The SmartLight will be based on digital addressable lighting interface DALI that makes it easier to connect and control several devices at once. Light control changes atmosphere in the room and reduces electricity expenses from 30 to 70%. Lamps consume as much electric power as necessary for a specific task. For example, the light will be brighter in the evening. If it is sunny, the lamps brightness will be reduced as well as the expenses.


Scientific Research Institute of Light Sources named after A.N. Lodygin has been developing lighting solutions for improving people’s lives for 60 years. They are applied not only in everyday life but also in industry, medicine, electronics, aircrafts and in space.