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An agreement on cooperation in trade, economic, scientific, technological, humanitarian and cultural areas between the Governments of Burundi and Mordovia has become a main outcome of the visit of Burundi delegation.

Official representatives of the Republic of Burundi came to Mordovia on June 5. Members of the delegation visited industrial and processing plants of Mordovia. Burundi delegation had already visited the republic in March 2016. State unitary enterprise of Mordovia Lisma participates in a joint Russia-Africa enterprise TLLINNO registered in the city of Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.

Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Mordovia Vladimir Sushkov welcomed the guests and told them about economic development and rich culture of the region.

‘For the last five years economic development of the republic has gone up by 20%, the volume of industrial and agricultural output has increased by 1,2 times. Total amount of investments is 260 billion rubles’ noted Vladimir Sushkov. He also pointed out that the total volume of innovative products in Mordovia is 28% which makes the republic one of the leaders among Russian regions. With political stability and good conditions for projects implementation Mordovia takes its position among top-20 attractive for investors regions of Russia.

‘Saransk, which is the capital of Mordovia, is one of the most well-settled and clean cities of Russia. It won the right to host 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia alongside 10 other cities’ said Vladimir Sushkov.

Second Vice-President of Burundi Joseph Butore noted that the day of signing the agreement is one of the most important days during cooperation of Mordovia and Burundi. The Republic of Burundi actively develops industry (it has been seriously destroyed because of the Civil War) and tourism.