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A huge project for the Optovolokonnye sistemy (Fiber-Optic Systems) plant modernization has been completed in Mordovia. Its total value was over 950 million rubles, 500 million of them were loaned by the Industry Development Fund.

Head of the Republic of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov inspected the production. New modern equipment will let the company increase the efficiency of the existing production and create conditions for the development of new product options. The head of the region emphasized the importance of the fact that the plant was modernized by our own specialists. They are all graduates of Ogarev Mordovia State University.

They were able to replace the optical fiber drawing induction furnaces, to commission an additional drawing line, and also an auxiliary optical fiber dyeing section and an experimental site for the fiber production preforms manufacture.

Due to deep modernization of its production, Mordovia will be able to satisfy more than 50% of optical fiber demand for Russian cable plants. The company's production capacity increased by more than 1.5 times and up to 4 million km of optical fiber per year. At the same time, the cost of production significantly decreased.

“Optovolokonnye sistemy (Fiber-Optic Systems) do not fall behind the world's leading enterprises for the production of optical fiber”, - said Vladimir Volkov.

The high quality of optical fiber will let them expand their export markets. Mordovia will be able to supply products to many countries around the world.