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Scientific Research Institute of Light Sources named after A.N. Lodygin has started the production of LED lamps for schools, offices and administrative buildings. WhiteLight lamps have become the result of professional, enthusiastic and solicitous work of the Institute’s experts.

Their approach was very simple: a severe conformity to standards. Competent standardization specialists of the Institute were a great advantage. Every year they take part in the development of interstate and national standards in lighting engineering.

The whole production cycle is carried out using the Institute’s own resources. The production capacity makes it possible to produce metal body, install LED modules and assemble power sources. It is not necessary to engage outside companies. It provides additional quality assurance and is good for the price of the final product.

In the Soviet Union, the Institute administered the quality of light sources produced all over the country. Carrying on the tradition, the Institute pays special attention to this issue.

There is a well-equipped certified testing laboratory in the Institute, which is one of the best five laboratories in Russia. Thus, the parameters of the lamps conform to the highest standards.

The quality management system ISO ISO9001-2015 has been implemented in the Institute. It ensures the transparency of all production processes.

New lamps are produced in three form factors: 300×600 mm, 600×600 mm, 300×1200 mm. They will replace old luminescent lamps. LED lamps are durable, energy saving and their light is comfortable.

The Institute has been developing lamps and lighting devices for different purposes for 60 years. For these years a lot of things have changed, but the wish of the Institute’s experts to work hard to make the people’s lives better remains unchanged.