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The glass factory was reopened in Ruzaevka single-industry town. The first production line was launched on Sunday.

The glass furnace #1 was solemnly launched by Vladimir Volkov, head of the Republic of Mordovia, and Vladimir Arutyunov, investor and founder of Glass Décor company and Razvitiye (Development) company.

“Today is a significant day in the life of the republic: we are launching the first stage of the glass factory,” said Vladimir Volkov. “This is a very important event for the district, because the factory creates employment with decent wages and pays good budget contributions. But we still have much to do in order to restore the enterprise work to the fullest.

Razvitiye (Development) glass making company has become the seventh resident of Ruzaevka Priority Development Area. The dynamically developing enterprise called Glass Decor became its investor.

“For the first time in my experience, the leaders of the region are actively involved in restoring the work of the enterprise,” noted Vladimir Arutyunov. “In just three months, the workers were able to start the first phase of the factory, which had been idle for over two years.

Now the company employs 250 people. Among them are those who have worked here before. According to Sergey Ageyev, general director of Razvitiye glass factory, there will be a total of 450 jobs created at the plant by 2021 according to the business plan.

The production lines of CJSC Ruzaevsky Glass Factory were launched in 2008-2009. The company supplied the whole eastern and central parts of Russia and the CIS countries, including Kazakhstan. After a long period of inactivity caused by low demand for bottle packaging, the factory’s capacity began to decline.

After entering Priority Development Area the glass factory received tax and insurance incentives. The company has gotten the opportunity to apply for an interest-free loan from the single-industry towns Development Fund.