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Mordovia is one top three regions of Russia with the highest growth of salary. For the last six years the payment for labor in the republic has increased by 1.64 times. Russia’s average indicator for that period is 1.52.

The ranking of Russian regions was introduced by “Budget” magazine. It shows the growth of nominal salary for the period from 2012 to the first quarter of 2018. As a result, at the top of the ranking there are St. Petersburg (1.79), Dagestan (1.68) and Mordovia.

Among top five, there are also Sakhalin (1.64) and Tula (1.61) regions.

The research was based on Rosstat (Russian Federal State Statistics Service) data. The regions with minimal growth of nominal salaries were not included in the final ranking. The minimal indicator is 1.31

It should be pointed out that among the leaders of the ranking there are both the regions with high and low average monthly salaries. For example, the average salary in St. Petersburg, which is 58,783 rubles, is about 1.5 times higher than the one in Russia. People get the highest pay in Chukotka (94.6 thousand rubles per month), Moscow (78.1) and Magadan (77.1).

The average monthly salary in Mordovia in the first quarter of 2018 was 24,832 rubles. In 2012 it was just 15,187 rubles. At that period of time the pay level in the republic was one of the lowest in Russia.

The Head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov often emphasizes that the advanced growth of salary is the top priority for Mordovia authorities. So, in 2018 this indicator must be 2 times higher than inflation rate. The growth of gross regional product and industrial output will make it possible.