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Mordovia has become a leaderamong the regions of Russia considering the share of innovative products in totaloutput, which is 29 per cent.

Head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkovannounced it during the meeting dedicated to the day of Russian science. He also mentioned effective work of TechnoparkMordovia. There are 107 resident companies employing over 2,000 people. In 2017it was ranked 5th out of 118 technoparks of Russia.

The first in Russia telecommunicationoptical fiber production plant is operating in Saransk with success. The productsof the plant are used not only in Russia but also exported to China and WesternEurope. Now the project of the plant is in the second construction phase. Thisyear it is planned to launch the Engineering Center of Fiber Optics. The fullcycle of optical fiber development will become possible in Saransk.

Scientific and industrialclusters of the Republic of Mordovia are another example of successful operation.Thus, the innovative cluster of the Republic of Mordovia “Lighting andoptoelectronic instrumentation”, that was established five years ago, includesalmost 50 companies today. The total production output has grown by 5.5 times andnow it is 28 billion rubles. The share of innovative products here is 50 percent. The modernization of the cluster’s companies cost 7 billion rublesincluding 2 billion spent for research and development.

Speaking about professionalstaff training for industry and science, Head of Mordovia mentioned theimportance of close cooperation between higher education institutions andcompanies. Development of the latest generation antibiotics carried out by Mordoviastate university and Biokhimik plant is a good example of such cooperation. Inthe near future at Biokhimik there will be set up a specialized department ofchemistry and technology of physically active substances aimed at research insynthesis of new antibiotics. There are no analogues to the department inRussia.

Vladimir Volkov: Today we areactively working on the development of a special system of personnel selection.We are looking for gifted young people in the republic and out of it. The firstelement of this system is the Republican Lyceum for Gifted Children. Itisoneof 10 bestschoolsofRussia

The region pays great attention to the development of youthscience, integration of young people to technological business. The number of patents,received with the participation of students, is growing. Last year Mordovia StateUniversity obtained the European Accreditation, which is in force on theterritory of eight countries, for the first time.

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