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"Nepes RUS" LLC

One more example of successful investment is NEPES RUS. The company was founded in March 2012 as a result of the transfer of the unique technology of remote phosphor from Korean corporation NEPES.

Do CapLED ™ technology has several advantages. They are:

  • High and pure color rendering index.
  • The change the CRI value at different viewing angles less than 2.
  • Long lifetime of the LED and phosphor
  • Cap LED lifetime is over 70,000 hours (8 years of continuous operation), taking into account the degradation of the phosphor.
  • Reliability.
  • Remote phosphor technology protects the phosphor from degradation or damage, thus providing reliable performance and long service life.
  • The angle of light distribution is 180°.
  • Various color temperature.
  • Homogeneous color temperature (CCT). Changing the color temperature at different viewing angles less than 300K.