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Development strategy

Strategic directions of development of the Republic of Mordovia until 2030

The strategic directions of development of the Republic of Mordovia until 2030 determine the priorities of the strategic development of the region. At the moment, roadmaps have been developed for 5 priority areas of development of Mordovia.

Modern production
  • Expansion of product sales markets (import substitution of goods such as lamps, cables, electric lamps, etc.).
  • Production of high-tech products (development of LED production, energy storage, charging stations for electric vehicles, development of hydrogen energy).
  • Improving the efficiency of enterprises (introduction of technologies of the "Industry 4.0" level, automation of production).
  • Development of business ecosystems (development of clusters of lighting, fiber optics and optoelectronics, mechanical engineering, metalworking, development of contract manufacturing).
  • Project «Light from Mordovia»: production and implementation of "smart" 5G poles (lighting poles).
  • Project «New Energy»: production of equipment for the generation of renewable energy sources.
  • Project «Smart City»: improving the safety, convenience and quality of the urban environment in Saransk.
  • Development of an advanced engineering school.

Agro-food cluster
  • Import substitution in large regional markets, development of exports.
  • Production of new food products under the changing preferences of consumers.
  • The use of modern technologies in the agro-industrial complex.
  • Formation of a new generation competence center in the agro-industrial complex.
  • Development of a data transmission network throughout the territory of the Republic of Mordovia.
  • Development of social and engineering infrastructure in rural areas.

Digital solutions
  • Component production of software and hardware, including in new promising sectors.
  • Synergy between the agro-industrial complex and the IT sector.
  • Transformation of the city of Saransk into an attractive place for the relocation of IT companies.
  • The use of the scientific and technical potential of Mordovia State University named after N.P. Ogarev for applied interdisciplinary research.
  • Creation of a center for integrated design and implementation of regional and municipal systems of digital public administration.
  • Creation of a research and design center for the problems of the digital human environment.
  • Construction of co-working spaces at the expense of the regional budget and leasing them at a preferential rental rate for IT companies.

Markets for clean technologies and the circular economy
  • Entering the Russian market of biotechnologies.
  • Entering the Russian market of new materials (biodegradable polymers).
  • Occupying a share of the global solar energy market.
  • Occupying a leading position in the Russian Federation in waste processing.
  • Creation of a carbon landfill in the Republic of Mordovia.
  • Creation of the Investment Fund for Sustainable Development of the Republic of Mordovia.
  • Construction of a high-tech plant for complex recycling of garbage and disposal of agricultural waste.
  • In the Republic of Mordovia, the development of clean and climate technologies can be carried out within the framework of the national project "Ecology". The project includes 9 federal projects with a total funding of 1,308.6 billion rubles.

Medical innovations
  • Entering the market of high-tech diagnostics in Russia.
  • Development and commercialization of innovative technologies for the treatment of CVD and oncology.
  • Development and piloting of digital solutions in healthcare.
  • Development of medical and health tourism.
  • Shumbrat, health!
  • Creation of a rehabilitation center.
  • Formation of a biopharmaceutical cluster in the Republic of Mordovia.
  • Creation of the republican integrated Internet portal of telemedicine services.