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  • 1
    Development of Project strategy
    • Providing information about the republic, main industries, infrastructure, raw materials and human resources. Facts and figures
    • Providing information about state support and benefits for investors. State support
    • Providing information about availability of raw materials, necessary for Project implementation.
    • Assistance in arranging negotiation process with governmental institutions on preparation of necessary Project documents. 
    • Conclusion of an agreement of intent for investment Project implementation.
  • 2
    Selection of investment site
    • Selection of an investment site according to provided information and technical characteristics of the Project. Interactive map.
    • Arrangement of visits to investment sites to get more detailed information and make a decision on Project implementation.
  • 3
    Preparation of presentation materials and business plan
    • Assistance in preparation of business plan and financial model of the Project.
    • Assistance in preparation of the Project summary.
    • Assistance in preparation of presentation of the Project.
  • 4
    Search for funding
    • Assistance in setting up meetings and negotiations with investors and financial institutes
    • Selection of optimal conditions for the Project financing.
    • Assistance in preparing documents for the Project to participate in federal and regional programs and competitions.
  • 5
    Plan for Project implementation
    • Selection of the Project team and preparation of the Passport of the Project
    • Budgeting and development of schedule for the Project financing
    • Development of schedule for Project implementation
    • Conclusion of an investment agreement 
  • 6
    Set up of the company
    • Consulting on taxes and legislation
    • Institutional and informational support
    • Consulting on human resources
    • Assistance in the issues related to migration in the Republic of Mordovia
  • 7
    Assistance in the issues related to real estate
    • Assistance in preparing documents for the project to enter republican target program of development of the Republic of Mordovia for the years 2013-2018.
    • Assistance in preparation and conclusion of land lease agreement (agreement on sale of a land plot, property complex).
    • Assistance in changing the category of permitted use of land plots
    • Assistance in conducting site investigation
  • 8
    Design, construction and assembly works
    • Coordination of work on facilities design
    • Monitoring of timely submission of applications to get permits and approvals from relevant public authorities according to the Project schedule.
    • Assistance in submission of documents and gathering preliminary permissions.
    • Control for Contractor to follow construction schedule.
  • Regulations
Application for project localization on the territory of the Republic of Mordovia
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Investors Route
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