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Adaptation to climate change and support for environmental projects will become one of the main areas of work of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. This was announced at a press conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Agency.

ASI General Director Svetlana Chupsheva noted that at the federal level, the Ministry of Economic Development has developed a plan for adaptation to climate change. It is important that it be decomposed into management decisions in the regions.

- We will be actively working here on the formation of adaptation plans, which will be expressed in specific architectural solutions - technologies for protection from wind, icing. We will deal with issues related to rapid response, preparation and development of the competence of regional teams in these areas. We will support specific technological solutions related to the symbiosis of industry and the agro-industrial complex, a closed recycling cycle, and the use of new technologies with a zero carbon footprint. In the new strategy of the Agency, we form new directions in relation to working with the regions and creating an infrastructure to support such projects, - said Chupsheva.

Asi.ru reports, the Agency has all the necessary resources for systematic work on the environmental agenda. Last year, at the Strong Ideas for the New Age forum, more than half of the projects dealt with climate-related issues. Also, half of the projects that were presented at the project and educational intensive Arhipelag 2121 in Velikij Novgorod dealt with climate issues.