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As part of the diversification of production in Mordovia, a unique product was created at the «EM-Kabel» enterprise – a CRRC brand road barrier cable (corrosion-resistant road cable made of aluminum-coated steel).

Fences based on road cables are mounted much faster than concrete and metal analogues, and their installation does not require the expansion of the roadway. It is easier and more cost effective. But the most important advantage of CRRC is its high resistance to corrosion, which means that it will last much longer.

At the moment, the pilot operation of the CRRC is underway in the Moscow region at the site of the Lytkarinsky highway in the Lyuberetsky district.

As gazeta.ru reported, parties with an innovative product diverge in different cities of the country. Soon unique bumpers will appear on the roads of Mordovia. In addition, the products have become interested abroad.

Along with this, it became known that thanks to the opening of a new line, 100 new jobs were created at the plant. There are plans to create another 200 jobs.