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More and more manufacturers understand the importance of switching from imported to domestic.  This applies to both the equipment at the enterprise itself and the products that are manufactured on it. One of these companies is «KRAFT-Proizvodstvo» in Kovylkino.

According to e-mordovia.ru, the company has been operating since 2012 and specializes in the manufacture of paper packaging for industrial purposes (for example, for packaging cement and dry building mixes), and for packaging cereals, sugar, flour, potatoes.

In 2022, the organization launched a new production line of paper bags for bakery products, fast food, cosmetology. Non-waste production – the remains are handed over in the form of waste paper for processing into secondary paper raw materials. The quality and range of products provide demand both in Russia and abroad.

«Last year, 16 million finished products were produced. We deliver throughout Russia: Vladimir, Volgograd regions, Udmurtia, Mari El. In 2022, we also had sales to the CIS countries – Belarus and Azerbaijan», – said Christina Nikitina, director of the «KRAFT-Proizvodstvo» company.

Like other enterprises, «KRAFT-Proizvodstvo» faced the problem of purchasing imported materials and spare parts for production lines. Therefore, it was decided to look for domestic analogues from Russian manufacturers. Now import substitution in terms of materials and equipment is in full swing here.

The company plans for 2023 to sign a major contract for the purchase of equipment for the production of paper bags. The investment amount will be about 100 million rubles.